Top 5 Reasons to DONATE NOW

Giving a disenfranchised

person a chance to chase their dreams

“Without this program I would have never been able to start my business and give teens like me a chance to play in front of college coaches.” – Jaylen

Help More Youth like Jaylen to Chase their Dreams

Uplifting the youth

to create, and pursue their passion

”I got a chance to finally do cybersecurity and get a head start on my career” – Kam

Give Youth Like Kam A Head Start On Their Career

Changing the way

education is brought to the youth

“Coming to America as an immigrant was tough so being able to get the skills and different teaching techniques I was able to discover my true passion for business.” -Terrique

Help Immigrant youth like Terrique to discover their passions and to develop their skills.

Being the role models

the kids derserve.

“I had access to world-class educators, coaches and successful entrepreneurs.”

Help Youth Like Liam Get World Class Education and Skills From Educators and Mentors That Have Done It Before

Creating an open and fun

environment for kids to learn and discover

environment for kids to learn and discover

Help Youth benefit from a caring but challenging and encouraging learning space to achieve real results