Youthful Impact A New Vitalizing Approach for
Uplifting Youth

Youthful Impact is a well-designed entrepreneurship program for youth 14 to 24 in or out of school. Designed by college professors, school counselors, and start-up experts, the Youthful Impact platform is a one stop shop for youth to explore careers while launching ventures that build foundational life skills.

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Cutting-edge System

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Inspired learning Passion is

Our programs empower youth to learn how to produce results that matter. In Oprah Winfrey’s words, “Passion is energy.” Finding a path forward is easier with coaches and peer mentors along the way.

Training for groups Our

The Youthful Impact experience builds team players and life leaders. Our approach develops foundational skills to last a lifetime.

Inspired learning
Inspired learning

Guided development Skills

Each week youth increase their access to good jobs as they explore careers and work on projects that uplevel skills.