Our Mission Our Mission is to increase
the employability skills of one
million youth of color by 2030.

Entrepreneurship Youthful Impact

Prepares youth for the future of work. It is a proven entrepreneurship platform designed by Learn Tech Teach, an EdTech company with over 15 years of experience in building youth training solutions for the United Nations, City University of New York, the American Management association, and others.

We take a community-driven approach that builds foundational skills and competencies using an engaging platform with a well-designed curriculum that enables transformative interactions.

For the past 15 years, Dr. Khaitsa Wasiyo has used her expertise in curriculum design, educational technologies, and e-learning project management to help organizations to build and scale youth and education programs. She has been a college professor, school administrator, and educational technology manager.

In 2020, seeing the challenges faced by youth, Dr. Wasiyo collaborated with other leading youth educators and business experts to create a unique high-tech learning experience with strong social interactions for guiding teen growth and development.

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