Graduate Spotlight – Musab

He speaks Arabic, likes to travel, and can use Python, Linux, and SQL to protect networks, people, and data from unauthorized access and cyberattacks.

Say Hello To Musab.

Musab just finished his Google Cybersecurity Professional Certificate.

“I was on my phone searching for computer schools and I saw Youthful Impact on the CBS News.  I looked at their website and called them.  I liked that they had everything I needed – free training program, recognized program, convenient place close to home, AND I get paid. 

“I want to go to university, get a college education, and help people who don’t have access to technology.  A Lot of people don’t have access and they are being left behind.” His reason for learning cybersecurity is to keep his community safe. 

Learning e-commerce will help  build his store and be a leader in his community. Now, thanks to Youthful Impact and the partnership with Grow with Google, I feel more confident about my career and future.”

Empower youth by granting them access to technology and equipping them with in-demand skills like cybersecurity. Don’t let the next generation get left behind.  Create opportunities for tech skilled young entrepreneurs. 

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