Graduate Spotlight – Naseaph

Have you met a video gamer who can attract, engage, and connect with different customers? Say hello to Naseaph!

Meet Naseaph.  He has a Google digital marketing & e-commerce and   project management Certificate 

Na’seaph  dropped out of high school at 17 and faced various barriers to finding a job.  When he started Youthful Impact, he was so eager to learn that it was surprising to find out that he didn’t have his GED. 

But he was consistent and dedicated in not only learning the content but in providing support to other participants in the program.  He became a peer mentor for Youthful Impact and has an incredible amount of confidence in his future.  He is an entrepreneur making money from his video gaming coaching business, PTS – Passion Thrives in succession.

“It is difficult for the gamers in my community to acquire the knowledge and abilities needed to impact and profit from their ideas and material.  I’m thrilled to offer mentoring to help small business to grow social media strategies and content strategies. ”Join us in making a difference! Consider becoming a partner or supporting our efforts through a donation.


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