Graduate Spotlight – Isaiah

Have you ever met a poet who is proficient with Python? Say Hello To Isaiah

Isaiah has earned his IT Automation Google Certificate.

“Covid was a very trying time for everyone, but particularly for the youth. Our human character was impacted by the lack of social interaction, even while we were indoors. People were unable to engage with one another face-to-face as a result, so I created an app layout to encourage social interaction and a sense of social competence. It’s known as “Talk It Out.”

I would come to the training center with my friends and we would study every week, getting help from the coaches. I am grateful to the Youthful Impact program and the partnership with Grow with Google.  I now have more confidence in my career and future prospects.

How many 16-year-olds are developing apps to enhance human interaction? Isaiah is one of them, with a clear vision for a better world. By studying cybersecurity and using Python to build his app, he aims to improve how we connect with each other.

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