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From Students to Entrepreneurs: How to Find the Right Entrepreneurship Program

With so many entrepreneurship programs in the market, how do you choose the right one for you? Look for programs that provide practical guidance and mentorship while fostering creativity, resourcefulness, problem-solving skills, and digital literacy. All this enables participants to develop an entrepreneurial mindset while creating meaningful projects and businesses.


Here are four steps you can take to help you choose the right entrepreneurship program to attend as a participant or to sponsor for your community.

  1. Find programs with a well-designed business curriculum
  2. Look for quality programs that reflect your values
  3. Evaluate the resources and coaching opportunities
  4. Consider who you will be, what you will have, or what you will be able to do after the program

Step 1: Find programs with good instructors and a well-designed business curriculum

Programs with well-designed curriculums provide students with many personalized opportunities to develop entrepreneurial thinking and the mindset to pursue innovations. Good programs include various types and formats of activities used to develop business knowledge, application, and practice.

Entrepreneurship students get ahead faster when they have consistent opportunities to demonstrate learning while getting progressive feedback on their startup, ” Dr. Khaitsa Wasiyo.

From Students to Entrepreneurs


Step 2: Look for Quality Programs that Reflect What You Value

Launching a business requires new life and work skills. Each challenging opportunity often defines the gaps in EACH individual’s knowledge and experience.  Having a team of people that can identify and model a variety of skills and abilities makes a difference.

So surround yourself with people who have at least these two things: they have a success record with entrepreneurship and they make time to provide you with specific coaching and guidance that helps you take that next step.

Step 3: Evaluate the Resources and Coaching Opportunities:

Does the program offer activities and opportunities that go beyond your comfort zone or offer opportunities for personal growth.  Does it challenge you? Find programs that offer financial, psychological, and career-related support. The best programs will offer all three, particularly since entrepreneurship is a mindset.  Built from confronting personal and social challenges.

Step 4: Consider who you will be, what you will have, or what you will be able to do after the program.

 Launching a startup transforms you, but only if it’s done right.  You are spending money on the program and taking the time to do the program.  So before you start clearly describe what you get from the program and when.  Imagine the future, and ask yourself: who will you be, what will have, and what will you be able to do after the program?

So there you have it.  Four steps to find a good entrepreneurship program that goes beyond the transfer of knowledge and skills.  Leading entrepreneurship programs provide a fertile ground for student interactions that build the mindset to thrive.


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