Graduate Spotlight – Jahcere

Have you ever met an amateur boxer who can attract and engage customers?! Say hello to Jahcere! https://youtu.be/JVI90kSB3KU Jahcere just earned his Google Marketing and E-Commerce Certificate. He has an updated resume and several Digital Marketing job interviews this June.  To get to this point, he came to the office weekly and practiced his boxing techniques between …

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October is #CybersecurityAwarenessMonth!

Introducing Joshua, an everyday hero with an extraordinary accomplishment: he’s earned a #Google Career Certificate in Cybersecurity. What’s truly captivating? He’s using his expertise to ensure the online safety of young individuals. But here’s the Kicker – Joshua invites you to be a part of this mission! In his own words, “I want more individuals …

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Top Five Reasons Why Youth are Interested in Entrepreneurship

The onset of Spring 2023 marks the commencement of a highly motivated cohort, eager to explore their passions and foster creativity while simultaneously cultivating employability skills. The Youthful Impact program, an 8-week community-driven entrepreneurship initiative, equipped youth with foundational skills, as well as industry-recognized certifications, in order to prepare them for the challenges of life …

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Chelsea’s Communal Healing Spaces

Chelsey, a 17-year old senior high school student, started a non-profit organization called the Communal Healing Place, where they will be providing mental health resources, information, and education to black women across the United States.