Graduate Spotlight – Jahcere

Have you ever met an amateur boxer who can attract and engage customers?! Say hello to Jahcere!

Jahcere just earned his Google Marketing and E-Commerce Certificate. He has an updated resume and several Digital Marketing job interviews this June.  To get to this point, he came to the office weekly and practiced his boxing techniques between courses!  Here is what he has to say about this experience.

“I received my diploma from Albany High School in Albany, New York.  I was struggling with how to get a job with little to no tech skills. I was working at a nursing home but wasn’t feeling fulfilled.  Now, thanks to Youthful Impact and the partnership with Grow with Google, I feel more confident about my career and future. 

I have thirteen years of boxing experience.  I have been a competitive boxer for the past three years. Throughout my boxing career, I have observed that certain mouthguards are low quality and easily break. Additionally, I’ve seen that boxing gloves shred quickly. As someone who has boxed competitively for the past three years, my goals are to promote high-quality products and provide a safe environment in which boxers can participate. Many boxing gloves break easily. Developing and launching a website that promotes high-quality boxing products is one of my objectives.”

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