Graduate Spotlight – Josephine

Have you ever met a realism artist who attracts and engages customers through digital marketing channels? 

Meet Josephine.

This month, Josephine completed her Google digital marketing & e-commerce certificate.

Josephine left college, believing it wasn’t the right fit for her. However, by successfully completing a college-level course and coaching other participants, she has gained confidence in her abilities to learn and succeed.

She has now returned to college pursuing a bachelors in graphic design.  Using her Digital Marketing & E-Commerce certificate to get college credits was a big boost.

Here is what she has to say about her project. 

“Young people both in and out of school are forced to live with roommates or stay at home because the cost of living is so high. In addition the apartments available to them are oftentimes in horrible condition or in unsafe areas. I am excited to use my art style to portray the uncomfortable situations that youths with housing insecurity find themselves in and use my digital marketing skills to bring awareness to this issue.”

Since learning digital marketing, and applying a sense of realism to digital marketing strategies, she can create authentic and relatable content that resonates deeply with audiences, driving engagement and building trust.

Help youth who are exploring their options or in transition to build confidence  in learning or doing college level courses.  Create more coaches like Josephine and secure a better future for more youth. Join us in making a difference! Consider becoming a partner or supporting our efforts through a donation.


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