A Youthful Impact graduate success story by Daina

Imagine if you were back in elementary school. What if you had the confidence that you probably have now back when you were younger?
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Unlocking Your Powers

Unlocking who we are brings so much freedom and expression. If we could establish confidence in owning our identities at a young age, the next generation would look completely different. They’d be less self-conscious and enjoy the things that make them unique.

Creating this sense of freedom and self-expression is exactly what motivated me to write a book and work with youth. But, Daina didn’t know how to start. She’s the type of person that needs structure and a supportive environment with a coach.

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Soar Like An Eagle

Daina is kick starting this journey with her Youthful Impact project in which she’s writing a book for 4th graders called Soar like an Eagle. It highlights their strengths and helps them know who they are.

She believes change can start at 4th grade. Take it from her and her experience of 4th grade, a classmate laughed at her hair. This moment has stayed with with her ever since that day. She felt so ashamed.

This was one of the few times she had her natural hair out. Encounters like that kept accumulating and it had a negative impact on how she perceived herself. These moments have left invisible scars that made Daina hesitate to interact and connect with others. She believes many youth of color experience this on a daily basis.

Looking Forward

Daina no longer wants that for our present or next generation. This book is for 4th graders. Creating a welcoming space where fullness, wellness, and identity are cultivated and nourished.


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