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Kayden’s Shoe Selling Business

YFI Graduate success story by Kayden

Gaining an Advantage:

Kayden started a business selling shoes. He learned to develop strategies that gave him a competitive advantage. Discussions with coaches and peer mentors helped him better describe how to differentiate himself. “I set myself apart from other shoe resellers and maintained my customers by being reliable and consistent in my services.”

Why it’s important

The Youthful Impact program helped Kayden to become and stay consistently organized . Within 8 weeks, “I was able to propel my business to the next level. I made connections that inspired me…like the meeting with the venture capitalist..and the discussions with the coaches.”
Shoe Selling Business

It felt good to be talking to someone who was at the position that I wanted to be at later in my life.”

- Kayden, 16 Years Old, Summer 2021



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